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DOCTEUR GUY AMSALLEM - Chirurgie de la hanche à Périgueux - prothèse de hanche
DOCTEUR GUY AMSALLEM - Chirurgien orthopédique polyclinique Francheville périgueux
DOCTEUR GUY AMSALLEM - Chirurgie de la hanche du genoui et de l'épaule à la polyclinique Francheville de Périgueux

Trained in orthopedic and trauma surgery at Tours Public Hospital (France), my interests were orthopedic and trauma surgery of the hip, knee and shoulder.

Prosthetic surgery   is a large part of my activity especially in recent years with the development and diffusion of minimally invasive techniques in hip and knee surgery.

The arthroscopic surgery represents the other major part of my activity whether it is the knee surgery (meniscus lesions and ligament lesions of the athlete) or the shoulder ( rotator cuff lesions).

Most orthopedic surgery are done as part of an ambulatory hospitalization or a quick post-surgery recovery Program.

I also take care of many emergencies and in particular the hip-fractures of the elderly subject within a service ready for welcoming and multidisciplinary care of these fragile patients.

I practice exclusively at Francheville Clinic in Périgueux, in a new and modern operating room dated 2012. Each room has built-in, fully connected equipment and full-featured high-definition video equipment.

I can rely on a 8 anesthetists and 5 nurses-anesthetists team. They master all the techniques of regional loco anesthesia under ultrasound as well as the most recent techniques of monitoring of anesthesia. Some are also trained in hypnosis and light therapy techniques.

The surgical nurses who assist me are all trained and specialized in orthopedic surgery.

Specialized physiotherapists ensure the daily monitoring and care of hospitalized patients.

Continuity of care is ensured 365 days a year and 24/7, thanks to an entirely new emergency service, recognized and labelled.

Francheville Clinic provides on-site an exceptional technical board of Medical imaging (conventional radiology, ultrasound, 2 MRI scans, 1 scanner, scan as well as the whole new EOS of which few care facilities in France may pretend). 10 full-time radiologist doctors at the clinic are running this exceptional tool…

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