Repair of tendons of the rotator cuff


Several groups of muscles ensure the movements of the shoulder.

Among them, a group of 4 muscles provides rotational movements. They surround the shoulder and cap the upper end of the humerus like a hat reason why they are called rotator cuffs.

This intervention, which is most often done under arthroscopy, consists of repairing these tendons that are removed from the humerus (either spontaneously or following trauma).

For an elderly patient, there will be a tendency to offer medical treatment (combining analgesics, infiltrations and rehabilitation).

For younger patients and depending on the extent of the lesions, an earlier repair will be offered to prevent aggravation of the lesions.


A complete check up will be done including X-rays, scans and / or arthroscanner. This examination confirms the diagnosis and plan the intervention.


The purpose is to remove pain and provide significant functional and strength improvement.

Depending on the patient’s age and the type of alteration to the tendon, some meteorological and episodic pain may remain.


In the vast majority of cases, it is performed under arthroscopy (that is to say without opening the shoulder).

Anchors inserted in the humerus ( see photo) allow with the passage of threads in the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles to bring back and to press the tendons on the bone.

Most of the time, we associate other movement (always under arthroscopy): acromioplasty, long portion of the biceps).


You will be hospitalized on an outpatient basis (ambulatory) or sometimes you will be invited to spend a night in the clinic in case of pain.

You will be immobilized for 6 weeks to allow a good healing of tendons repaired. Rehabilitation begins immediately on a passive mode. A precise protocol is given to your physiotherapist.

You will be check on regularly in consultation. Recovery and rehabilitation will be adapted according to your evolution.

The details of these following steps are exposed during the consultation. A complete information sheet will be given to you and I try to answer all the questions with mockups and drawings supports.

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