Why a total knee prosthesis ?

The total knee prosthesis is an intervention aiming at repositioning the articulation’s surfaces of the knee.

The principle is therefore to put an implant (or prosthesis) to ensure a correct function to your knee.

The causes of this articulation attack are mostly osteoarthritis, bone necrosis, and more rarely fracture sequelae or fracture.

The treatment of these attritions of articular cartilage is primarily medical. It combines analgesics (medicine acting against pain), anti-inflammatory drugs in the absence of contraindications, but also physiotherapy, physiotherapy etc…

When medical treatment is no longer effective, surgery may be offered to you.

A complete X-ray examination confirms the diagnosis of the articulation attack and the planning of the intervention.

Among the various surgical solutions, the total knee prosthesis is intended to replace the worn areas of your articulation. The intervention can take place under general or regional anesthesia.

I use implants that are cemented which correspond to a classical and validated method. See beside a prosthetic model.

In doing so it is hoped to allow a good walking skills back and suppression or at least the significant decrease in the level of pain.

The rehabilitation begins on the day of the intervention and the lift to the wheelchair is almost immediate as well as the re-learning of the walk. The details of these post-intervention periods are discussed during the consultation. A complete information sheet will be given to you and I am trying to answer all the questions, with mockups and drawings support.

Hospitalization is very short: 1 to 3 days. This requires an organization that is in place at the Francheville clinic and involves a nurse’s coordinator who helps the patient and his entourage in the pre-intervention period but also in the organization of his return home, in close relationship with your GP, your liberal nurses and your physiotherapist.


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