Why a total hip prosthesis ?

The total hip prosthesis is a surgical intervention that is intended to replace the articulation’s surfaces of the hip (acetabulum and head of the femur) with a surgical implants or prosthesis.

The causes of articulation damage are mostly osteoarthritis and the aftermath of hip fracture. More rarely, it could be femoral head necrosis or rheumatoid arthritis.

The evolution in the absence of treatment is the persistence and aggravation of the pain.

When medical treatment is no longer effective, surgery with a total hip prosthesis becomes the only reliable and effective treatment.

A complete X-ray examination confirms the diagnosis of the articualtion attack and the planning of the intervention.

The main benefit to be expected from this intervention is the reduction or suppression of pain with the recovery of good walking skills.

In the vast majority of cases I use a technique called mini invasive which allows carrying out the intervention by a small scar without cutting any muscle which permits to optimize and shorten the post-operating period.

The details of this post-operating period are discussed during the consultation. A complete information sheet will be given to you and I am trying to answer all the questions with mockup and drawings supports.


You can also visit the Sofcot’s website.

Hospitalization is very short. In most cases we can expect a return home in very good conditions after 1 to 3 days. In favorable cases this intervention can be done in ambulatory.

This requires an organization that is executed at the Francheville clinic and involves a nurse’s coordinator who helps the patient and his entourage in the pre-operative period but also in the organization of the return at home.


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