What is quick recovery after surgery ? ?

We can also talk about improved recovery after surgery or fast track. This is an approach that promotes early recovery of the patient’s abilities after surgery. Today the minimally invasive surgical technics (much less deleterious than in the past with conventional technics) can greatly reduce the length of stay of patients in the clinic even after hip knee or shoulder prosthesis . The goal is of course to improve the comfort of patients operated by promoting a quick return home. This lowers the risk of nosocomial infections but above all reduces the psychological impact of the intervention, without jeopardizing peri-intervention safety. This fast recovery approach after surgery for my patients required the establishment of a rigorous organization within the clinic. Throughout the pre-intervention period a nurse coordinator ensures the proper organization and preparation of the intervention in connection with all those involved in the care. (surgeon, doctors, nurses, patient). The patient is empowered. He is active in his care. After the intervention, this same nurse coordinator ensures communication between the newly operated patient, his close entourage and the medical team.
This approach required a strengthening of our networking (with GP, the city nurses, the physiotherapists, etc.) for the benefit and confort of the patient.

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