Menicus surgery

Menisci are crescent-shaped fibrocartilages located in the knee articulation between the femur and tibia. They are two and participate in the stability of the knee but they also have a damping role on shocks.

They may crack spontaneously or after injuries, frequently sport’s injuries.

When the lesion of a meniscus causes pain and / or blockages of the knee it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

A scan will systematically be requested. If the diagnosis is confirmed, an surgery intervention can be offered.

Menisci surgery interventions are performed in the vast majority of cases within the day (you do not spend any night at the clinic).

The intervention is performed under total or regional anesthesia.

The gesture is performed under arthroscopy, that is to say without opening the knee but by making a small incision of a few millimeters on each side of the knee (one for the optics of the video camera and the other for miniaturized instruments).

Depending on the case, removal of the injured area or, if possible, repair of the meniscus is performed under certain conditions and for certain lesions so-called suturable lesions.

The resumption of weight support and walking is immediate with the return home. There is no immobilization (unless the meniscus has been repaired).

Most of the time, rehabilitation is not needed.

A relatively short work stoppage will be prescribed. The sport stoppage is about 45 days. (Longer if the lesion has been repaired to allow proper healing).

The details of recommandations are exposed during the consultation. A complete information sheet will be given to you and I try to answer all the questions with mockups and drawings.

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