Cruciate ligament surgery

Medical care after sports accidents is an important part of my activity. Priority consultation time are reserved and quick access to diagnostic imaging is organized.

If necessary, following a careful clinical examination, the time required for scans are extremely short to allow quick care appropriate to each case.

Among the most common sports injuries are sprained knees and tear of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

The ACL is a ligament of the central pivot of the knee (with the PCL – posterior cruciate ligament). Tearing it is a frequent accident, especially during sports in pivot and contact (football, rugby, handball), but also skiing, motocross etc. …

After rupture of the ACL, the knee may become unstable and / or painful. The risk is also the evolution towards a tear of the menisci or an impact on cartilage.

For young and athletic patient, arthroscopic ligament graft surgery is often indicated.

In older patients, indications should be discussed and adapted to each case. This is the purpose of the consultation.

During this consultation, once the decision is made, you will get an information sheet and details on intervention will be explained with mockups and drawings.



Most of the time a physiotherapist is talking care of my patients before the surgery in order to prepare the knee, lift the muscular stupor and strengthen the muscles around the knee.

The surgical intervention will consist of an ACL graft using hamstring muscles (right and half tendon). I use the middle third of the patellar tendon much more rarely in very specific cases.



It takes place under arthroscopy. Anesthesia is locoregional or general. The decision is made during the pre-intervention consultation with the anesthesiologist.

You are hospitalized on an outpatient basis (Ambulatory – Same day outing).



A knee brace is recommended for safety and analgesic purpose during 4 weeks. Walking may be done with canes crutches the first weeks. Rehabilitation is started immediately and the physiotherapist comes to see you in the room before your clinic outing to give you the first instructions.

You are allowed to do sport again gradually from the 4th month.

You are allowed to go back to work depending on the case between 45 days and 3 months.

The expected result of this intervention is a stable and painless knee. Restarting at activities of pivot and contact sports is not done before the 6th month.

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