Total shoulder prosthesis


The implementation of a total prosthesis of the shoulder aims to replace by an implant (prosthesis) articular surfaces of the articulation.

The cause of articulation surface damage is most often osteoarthritis (aging and use of articular cartilage). It can also be the result of old trauma, rheumatism or the ultimate consequence of rotator cuff tendon rupture.

The objective of this intervention (like all articulation prosthesis) is to eliminate pain (at least in large part) and to restore a correct function by getting mobility back.

In any case I will offer you a shoulder prosthesis if I belive we have exceeded the limits and possibilities of a medical treatment which has priority over all.


The examination includes conventional scans of the shoulder, CT scan or CT arthrography. This examination confirms the diagnosis and plans the intervention. It also makes possible to refine the indication and the choice of the type of prosthesis (resurfacing, anatomical prosthesis or inverted prosthesis).

This whole therapeutic strategy will be explained to you during the pre-intervention consultation(s).


Most often done under general anesthesia, with or without locoregional anesthesia.

HOSPITALIZATION is short, between 24h and 72h depending on the case. This is a fast recovery after surgery.

You will be immobilized for two to four weeks depending on the case. Rehabilitation is immediate, essentially in a passive mode at the beginning.

The expected results are a more or less painless mobility of the shoulder, with a strength that corresponds to your age and your physical shape.

The best results are observed after 6 months and the improvement can be done within a year. The results are much better if we were able to continue regularly rehabilitation and personal work! …

You will definatly need perseverance and patience.

I ensure your regular checkup in consultation to help you and guide you in this functional recovery with your GP, your home-nurses and your physiotherapist or your convalescence/rehabilitation center.

The details of these following steps are explained during the consultation. A complete information sheet will be given to you and I try to answer all the questions with mockups and drawings supports.

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